"Benefits of Hapmudo"

"Sound mind, sound body"
is necessary for a healthy, happy, and harmonious life.  Furthermore, the training provides more stability in family life and society.

Through the Dan Jon breathing, control of the heart and lungs are developed and inner strength is more readily available to you.  Safe joint twisting techniques stimulate the nerves and the overall metabolism, massage the meridians, and balance blood pressure and organs.

Peak of mental discipline is called harmony - serenity in a clear and peaceful state of mind.  As a person attains harmony, they find happiness.  For this reason, there is no age restriction in Hapmudo.


Benefit from it even more then men.  They learn it is beneficial to their blood circulation, improves complexion and is more than just physical training.  they realize that they can utilize their power against a stronger opponent to defend themselves.  Hapmudo does not require vigorous strength.

Receive the greatest benefits from Hapmudo.  Especially, the improvement of school grades through self-discipline and concentration.

Find that they benefit from Hapmudo by learning patience, generosity, as well as the physical training they were originally seeking.  They gain inner peace, strength and wisdom,  becoming better leaders.

We cannot express enough the benefits of Hapmudo.  It helps to overcome such problems as stress, asthma, chronic back pain, weight control, and addiction to cigarettes.   Perhaps the greatest benefits come in helping children with learning disabilities and other scholastic and behavior problems.

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