Hapmudo is a system of self-defense based on fundamental offensive and defensive techniques.

These techniques can be classified as follows:
Empty hands against empty hands.
Empty hands against a weapon.
Weapons against weapon.
Each of these categories include:
Punching, kicking,
Joint locking, grappling,
Pressure points, throwing techniques

is based on the theory of circular defense as opposed to direct defense. Direct defense may cause injury and may be unsuccessful against greater power whereas Hapmudo’s circular defense requires little power but much knowledge and skill. These delicate techniques will overcome brute force almost always.

The meaning of the word Hapmudo is "the way to combine mind and body power for World Peace"

Hapmudo is a complete Martial Art where you receive a full and well-rounded Martial Arts education. You will learn the Mental and Spiritual benefits of the Martial Arts as well as training in the Physical aspects. It is also includes training in 72 weapons starting with the nunchaku, staff, sword, fan, cane, rope, knife, etc.


  Hap - To combine, harmony mind and body
  Mu - All Martial Arts
  Do - The way of, method of study




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