This is Hapkido by Grandmaster Yong Sung Lee (DVD Series)

Volume 1: One Finger Magic/Bowing Techniques:
Featured on this video tape - Different techniques using only one finger or just bowing to pin your opponent down making it impossible for them to move. Grandmaster Lee will also go over special blocking techniques and important falling techniques that will help in avoiding injury. (47 min)
Volume 2: Combination Self-defense Techniques:
Featured on this video tape - Self Defense using a variety of twisting, bending, and joint locking techniques to flow with your opponent using their own power against them. Ki breathing techniques from beginner to the more advanced level. (40 min)
Volume 3: Advance Grappling, Self-defense & Healing Techniques:
Featured on this video tape - How to get out of tough holds like head locks/chest grabs/ and attacks from behind using pressure point with very little effort to get away from attacker. Weapons self-defense using belt, magazine, fan, and umbrella. Grandmaster Lee will share his healing techniques that are useful for a variety of injuries. (50 min)

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